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Vinyl, Tile & Stone Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great inexpensive alternative to more costly options such as laminate and hardwood flooring. Whether you’re a property owner looking for vinyl flooring, tile, or stone, the options to choose from are endless. Select between different colours, textures, sizes, and finishes to help improve your existing décor, or augment your future ornamentation.

Vinyl, tile, and stone floors are substantially more adaptable, as they can be installed into several types of spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and even basements. In addition to the flooring options listed previously, we at Floors R Us also offer bamboo flooring, which is great for several areas within the home, as well as your patio.

These flooring options ensure that you are provided with flooring that is countless in selections, unique in appearance, and requires minimal maintenance. Our tiling division is comprised of several licensed contractors that work to produce an efficient, and professional installation process, all meant to guarantee great customer satisfaction.


Floors R Us provides installation services to all aspects of the GTA. Contact us today, and schedule a meeting with one of our expert professionals. They will come in to assess your current flooring, and work with you on determining the next course of action. Whether your current flooring is in need removal, or you are in need of installation, our team of contractors can provide you with the necessary service. In addition, they will evaluate your flooring for moisture to ensure that your floors will remain durable over an extended period of time.